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You Want Me to Drink What?

I am admittedly not the trendiest girl around.  I don’t have designer shoes or a luxury car or get my hair blown out.  Actually, where I live getting your hair blown out means you drove with a window open, but…

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Don’t Swallow Those Healthy Labels Whole

Just when you think you’ve got the healthy eating thing down right, some scientific papers come out to upend your sense of equilibrium. While you’ve been vigilant in pursuing “healthy” options in your food purchases, you and millions of others…

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Patting Yourself on the Back After You Exercise?

Yep, here’s another proof that exercise, “often” is really counter-intuitive. A recent study documented the fact that people tended to lose less weight than expected when they passed a certain threshold of serious activity…which is what I all too often…

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Overcooking is Detrimental for the Blood Vessels

High-temperature broiling, grilling, or frying can be deleterious for the cardiovascular system, a study shows. It increases toxins called advanced glycogen endproducts (AGEs) which are associated with inflammation and oxidative stress. AGEs tend to build up in the body with…

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