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The Attitude of Gratitude

Thanksgiving may be the worst holiday for dieting, but according to a recent study the “attitude of gratitude” can help you in the long run.  This attitude of gratitude is directly linked to better health, sounder sleep, less anxiety and…

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Your Friends Really Do Mean Everything to You!

It was a night out of some horror movie. A dear, beloved aunt had died very suddenly from a stroke and family and friends had just been through a grueling funeral. It was 8pm, getting dark, and the torrential rains…

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Marketing to a “New Frugality”

The “New Frugality” is the behavioral response of Americans to the the nearly $13 trillion loss of wealth since the recession began; their upended confidence in the capitalist system is kick-starting a more cogent move toward frugality. Economists believe that…

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Shower with the Grandkids for a Great Recession Buster

Had more fun this morning than a human being has a right to! This as- stressed- as -anyone-else advertising, marketing person, (forget about it being days before Passover!), returning from an early, intensive session of aerobics and serious Spin ,…

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Patting Yourself on the Back After You Exercise?

Yep, here’s another proof that exercise, “often” is really counter-intuitive. A recent study documented the fact that people tended to lose less weight than expected when they passed a certain threshold of serious activity…which is what I all too often…

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Young Love- Ain’t it Grand?

Thought you’d enjoy this video we shot of a darling couple married 63 years… I guess, much of it is about having a sense of humor! You gotta laugh! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPphFgzzww4

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Now I Remember Why I Love My Starbucks

Some days start off better than others. An inveterate recipient of medical and pharmaceutical RSS feeds and real time alerts from a myriad of medical sources, I’m often hit with a phalanx of “cease and desists” regarding any number of…

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