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Generic Vicodin Top Medicare Drug in 2013

An article this past Sunday brought to light startling data: The most widely prescribed drug to Medicare D beneficiaries in 2013 was a generic version of the powerful prescription pain killer Vicodin. Underscoring how at ease physicians are writing prescriptions…

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Hey, Get Back and Take Your Meds!

Add “predictive initiatives” to the newest lingo in the crosshairs of medicine and long term care. Pharmacy-benefit manager Express Scripts Inc. is launching an innovative program that reaches out to patients they anticipate will fail to take their medications. That’s…

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Need a New Hip? Check the Joint Registry First

806,000 hip and knee implants were performed in the US in 2007 – that’s double the amount done a decade earlier. However, a 2007 study demonstrates that 7% of Medicare patients who underwent a hip replacement required another replacement hip…

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To Err is Human… To Ignore may lead to Death

Medication Errors – F 332-the facility must assure that it is free of medication error rates of 5 % or greater. F333 states the facility must assure that residents are free of any significant medication errors. According to studies drug…

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Brains v. Beauty

An age old dilemma, – which is more powerful and important – brains or beauty?  Would you rather be hideously ugly and brilliant, or stunningly beautiful and unable to carry a conversation? Of course none of us really wants to…

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Care and Feeding of the Middle Aged Brain

As we work with administrators to help navigate the world of Long Term Care it is hard not to be hyper-aware of our own mortality and the eventuality that we, too, are likely to reach a point where we will…

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New Hope for Those Who Suffer from Digestive Problems

The gastrointestinal system is a complex and mysterious one.  It seems almost a miracle that it ever works properly considering the multitude of factors that can make things within our digestive tract go awry.  What we eat, how we move,…

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Your Nails Tell Health Tales

There’s much your nails can divulge about your health: Thyroid disease can manifest itself in dry, brittle hair, brittle nails, and weight gain or loss. A horizontal line through the middle of the fingernails, markings, called Beau’s Lines, sometimes appear…

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Don’t Swallow Those Healthy Labels Whole

Just when you think you’ve got the healthy eating thing down right, some scientific papers come out to upend your sense of equilibrium. While you’ve been vigilant in pursuing “healthy” options in your food purchases, you and millions of others…

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Shower with the Grandkids for a Great Recession Buster

Had more fun this morning than a human being has a right to! This as- stressed- as -anyone-else advertising, marketing person, (forget about it being days before Passover!), returning from an early, intensive session of aerobics and serious Spin ,…

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