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Patting Yourself on the Back After You Exercise?

Yep, here’s another proof that exercise, “often” is really counter-intuitive. A recent study documented the fact that people tended to lose less weight than expected when they passed a certain threshold of serious activity…which is what I all too often…

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Young Love- Ain’t it Grand?

Thought you’d enjoy this video we shot of a darling couple married 63 years… I guess, much of it is about having a sense of humor! You gotta laugh! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPphFgzzww4

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Now I Remember Why I Love My Starbucks

Some days start off better than others. An inveterate recipient of medical and pharmaceutical RSS feeds and real time alerts from a myriad of medical sources, I’m often hit with a phalanx of “cease and desists” regarding any number of…

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Optimistic Advances in Search for an Alzheimer’s Miracle Drug

By Neil Bekker At the recent International Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease in Chicago, some interesting discoveries in Alzheimer’s research were presented. Claude Wischik, Ph.D., of the University of Aberdeen in Scotland and founder and chairman of TauRx Therapeutics presented the…

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Low Levels of Vitamin D Linked to Death in Seniors

– by Eric Sheehan If you’re a senior with low levels of vitamin D, you’re more likely to die of any cause. A study following 3,200 Germans of the average age 62, most with heart disease of some form, checked…

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