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Stop the CRE Superbug, Save your Residents!

As a health care administrator, you have a responsibility to make every effort to protect your residents. With a “nightmare bacteria” lurking, it is imperative that you take strong measures to ensure that this does not become a threat to…

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Long Term Care Insurance Legislation Holds Payers Accountable

Long Term Care insurance is in many ways a boon to the industry, making assisted living options more financially within reach for many people who in the past would have stayed at home relying on help from friends and family. …

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Low Staffing Rates Increase Mortality Risk

Low staffing rates can be thorn in the side of facility administrators, but a new study shows that they may also be to blame for increased risk of death from norovirus (acute gastroenteritis) in nursing homes. A recent study looked…

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Turnover Remains High Among Assisted Living Workers

Mention turnover rates among employees of assisted living facilities, and the first assumption might be that those rates would be at the high end. That assumption proves to be true with a recent study conducted by the National Center for…

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Coordination of Care Hits New Heights in Manhattan

As the health care system evolves, one of the key success factors that comes up time and again is the ability for the different entities within the system to collaborate with one another to produce a quality of care that…

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Medicare Data Shows 1 in 4 Readmissions Could be Avoided

Hot on the heels of the October 1st assessment of penalties for 2211 hospitals with excessively high readmission rates for patients with heart failure, pneumonia and myocardial infarction, MedPAC released information on Friday that points the finger again at avoidable…

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Is There Such Thing as “Too Much” Care?

Among the many dilemmas faced by physicians in today’s healthcare system, one of the trickiest is deciding how much care is enough – and how much is too much.  Armed with ever evolving technology and treatment options, and without clear…

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Coordination of Care Offers Opportunities for Providers

Watching the Olympic opening ceremonies, it would be difficult to miss the fact that the UK chose this very public stage to celebrate, of all things, their healthcare system.  It is hard to imagine such a thing happening on US…

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Collaboration is the Key to Success for Long Term Care Facilities

Despite government threats of financial penalties, hospitals have made little headway in improving rates of preventable readmissions, according to recent Medicare data. More than 20% of Medicare patients return to the hospital within a month of discharge and despite policy…

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Care for the Elderly Begins at Home

Some responsibilities in life have a way of sneaking up on you.  You learn to boil water and over time you become the traditional Thanksgiving turkey chef.  You learn to sort the colors and over time you become the queen…

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