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Medical Breakthrough: Drugs to Help Elderly Rebuild Muscle

Pharmaceutical companies are working to make drugs that could help elderly patients walk again and rebuild muscle in a range of diseases. This new development began after scientist Se-Jin Lee genetically engineered “Mighty Mice” with twice as much muscle as…

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Low Staffing Rates Increase Mortality Risk

Low staffing rates can be thorn in the side of facility administrators, but a new study shows that they may also be to blame for increased risk of death from norovirus (acute gastroenteritis) in nursing homes. A recent study looked…

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Reading Doctor’s Notes Can Lead to Better Patients

Patients have always been curious about what their doctors are recording in their medical charts. Soon they may be have open access to read those notes as recent research shows that patient access to medical records can lead to better…

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Stop Treating The MRI

The baby boomers have entered the orthopedic surgery stage, bringing the overall statistics of orthopedic surgery in America to a new level! In 2009 Americans ages 45 to 64 had approximately 116,000 hip replacements, and 97,000 knee replacements between 2004…

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It takes a Virtual Patient to Make a Healthy Village

So now there’s a new, safer way to test  medical procedures by creating “virtual patients”, computerized realistic-looking models that are “serviced” by  medical devices and procedures that can’t be tested in “vulnerable” patients, such as pregnant women. Dr. X. George…

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Old Age or B12?

A mind blowing discovery recently printed in the New York Times by Jane E. Brody, indicates that a B12 deficiency can show similar symptoms to someone with Alzheimer’s. She shares an evocative story of Mrs. Katz, who was diagnosed with…

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New Hope for Those Who Suffer from Digestive Problems

The gastrointestinal system is a complex and mysterious one.  It seems almost a miracle that it ever works properly considering the multitude of factors that can make things within our digestive tract go awry.  What we eat, how we move,…

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The Sense of Touch: Soothing Pain Relief

Touch and massage can relieve pain and improve mood in cancer patients. A study comparing the results of touch therapy and massage therapy found that both relieved pain and improved mood, but massage was twice as effective. Furthermore, there was…

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Life expectancy rises, Alzheimer’s deaths mount

~ By Will Dunham WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. life expectancy hit a record high of 78.1 years in 2006 while Alzheimer’s disease crept up a notch to No. 6 on the list of leading causes of death, U.S. health officials…

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When Drugs Just Make Things Worse

~ by Jeff Noley There are some drugs with side effects that are worse than what they treat. Or at the very least, are pretty rotten compared to the alternatives. Avandia is one example of a drug you might want…

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