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Ready to Share Your Good News with the World?

For those expecting moms who are excited to tell their nearest and dearest about their mom-to-be status, technology is there to assist them. One of the newest apps out there is “Mobile Baby” – providing parents and doctors with the…

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Forget the Royal Canadian Mounties, You’ve Got YouTube

It’s not the way my parents acquired their citizenship… but it certainly underlines the remarkable embrace of technology, social networking and marketing on the individual. Canada’s reveille to the possible hundreds of thousands of heretofore foreigners, many of them Americans,…

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It Isn’t Easy Being a Sandwich

The sandwich generation: the middle aged bunch, predominantly baby boomers these days, who have to care for both their children and their parents on a daily basis. It doesn’t sound easy… and it isn’t. Juggling the needs of two sets…

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