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Less Chance of Catching an Infection in ICU If You Have Your Own Room

About 30% of ICU patients acquire infections that drive up morbidity and mortality, and cost hospitals lots of money. In a recent study, single-bed rooms when compared to multi-bed rooms resulted in better infection control. On their own, patients were less likely…

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Senior Self Neglect Increases Risk of One-Year Mortality

It starts with neglecting one’s hygiene, nutrition and medications, and can lead to death within the year. According to data compiled by the Chicago Health and Aging Project (CHAP), an older person’s risk of dying within the year increases six-fold…

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It’s the Waist, Not the Weight, That’s the Kicker

 by Ruth Folger Weiss I’m not out ruin anyone’s day, including my own- just sharing the facts, Ma’m. In a depressing report of 44,600 female nurses enrolled in a long-term health study, researchers conclude in the April 1 edition of…

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