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Eat That…and Die?

The morning started out just fine, thank you! Nothing too upsetting this morning after days of titillating WikiLeaks, and news of a still lethargic economy… until I open my iPad and read the latest findings issued by the National Institutes…

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They’re My Calories…Stop Counting for Me!

No curmudgeon here, but just one harried boomer, who’s watching life’s intrusions  chip, chipping away…One upside of travel used to be the “turn off your mobile phones” announcement, and now, it appears one’s conscience gets no time – off from…

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Missed Breakfast? A Big No No for the Weight Conscious

Everyone knows that breakfast’s good for you. How good just became a little clearer. A team of British Researchers have pinpointed scientifically how your brain craves high calorie food when you skip your morning meal. Utilizing MRI’s of the brain,…

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Your Friends Really Do Mean Everything to You!

It was a night out of some horror movie. A dear, beloved aunt had died very suddenly from a stroke and family and friends had just been through a grueling funeral. It was 8pm, getting dark, and the torrential rains…

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Fat and Heart

by Natalia Freeman Excess weight is bad for your heart. You know that – but do you know why? Fat changes the way your body metabolizes your food. Sugar that might be available as energy is packed away as fat,…

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Killing Heart Disease

By Lydia Yolen There’s finally good news in the health industry – heart disease and stroke death rates are down down down. Death rates from coronary heart disease are down 30.7% since 1999, and stroke mortality has dropped 29.2%. The…

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