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Eat That…and Die?

The morning started out just fine, thank you! Nothing too upsetting this morning after days of titillating WikiLeaks, and news of a still lethargic economy… until I open my iPad and read the latest findings issued by the National Institutes…

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Brainier than Thou

A little while ago, we learned that extra body fat was correlated with smaller brain volume and possibly linked to increased rates of Alzheimer’s disease.  Across the city, ice cream spoons were sadly set aside.  Not that anyone wanted to…

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Forgot Your Keys? Maybe it’s Your Stomach

We attempt to tackle each day in optimistic and measured tones, weighing the risk ratios and cost benefits of a myriad of choices. We’ve finally gotten the Food Pyramid straight, can almost discern the differences between wild and not-so-wild salmon,…

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