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Recovery Following a Stroke… It’s The Extras that Count

After a stroke affects a part of one’s brain, the patient faces a daunting and challenging road to recovery. To relearn the skills that were lost as a result, one must undergo stroke rehab that usually involves mobility training, communication…

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The Dangers of Flip Flops

By Neil Bekker Flip flops, the standard beachwear, are now the hottest form of footwear worn throughout the long hot summer days. They may be stylish, comfortable and cool, but wearing them all the time is a recipe for foot…

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ACL Rehab Has a High Success Rate

Good news for boomers – those knee pains may not be the death knell to afternoons on the court. Baby boomers are among the most active of aging cohorts, and this manifests in a high rate of sports related injuries….

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