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Brain Plasticity and Rehabilitation

Who Says You Can’t Teach The Old Maestro A New Tune? What changes in our brain as we get older and how do those changes affect our abilities to learn, develop new skills, and rehabilitate from injury? In the last…

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It’s Not The “Where” But The “Specialized Care”

Choosing where to continue one’s rehabilitation following a hospital stay, is a crucial decision  that affects the quality and length of one’s recovery. A bad choice, meaning a facility that is not well-equipped with the expertise to treat your specific condition,…

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Cipro Now a No Go

~ by Yael Joshua If you need to target hardy bacteria, heavy-duty antibiotics such as Cipro, Levaquin, and Floxin are your best bet. Unfortunately, these drugs, all based on fluoroquinolone, have been shown to cause pain, swelling, and inflammation in…

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