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The Key to Compliance: Belief in the Treatment

Modern medicine isn’t generally described as an act of faith, but now gerontology nursing expert University of Missouri Assistant Professor Todd Ruppar says that beliefs play a very large role in compliance with doctors’ orders. Ruppar found that because patients…

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Low Staffing Rates Increase Mortality Risk

Low staffing rates can be thorn in the side of facility administrators, but a new study shows that they may also be to blame for increased risk of death from norovirus (acute gastroenteritis) in nursing homes. A recent study looked…

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Coordination of Care Offers Opportunities for Providers

Watching the Olympic opening ceremonies, it would be difficult to miss the fact that the UK chose this very public stage to celebrate, of all things, their healthcare system.  It is hard to imagine such a thing happening on US…

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Your “Off Day” May be the Day to Get to the ER

What can you do to detect a heart attack early on and prevent fatal results? Too Many symptoms of a heart attack go unrecognized or are often overlooked by the patient as an ‘off’ day. Innocuous looking symptoms include, indigestion,…

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It takes a Virtual Patient to Make a Healthy Village

So now there’s a new, safer way to test  medical procedures by creating “virtual patients”, computerized realistic-looking models that are “serviced” by  medical devices and procedures that can’t be tested in “vulnerable” patients, such as pregnant women. Dr. X. George…

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Old Age or B12?

A mind blowing discovery recently printed in the New York Times by Jane E. Brody, indicates that a B12 deficiency can show similar symptoms to someone with Alzheimer’s. She shares an evocative story of Mrs. Katz, who was diagnosed with…

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Oui! The More Languages You Know The Better Off You Are!

Recent studies found that trilingual people have a significantly lower risk of cognitive impairment than those who are bilingual. According to Magali Perquin, PhD, of the Public Research Center for Health in Luxembourg – “It appears speaking more than two…

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Make Sure The Family’s Involved

Post-stroke recovery and function can be significantly affected by the involvement of patient’s nearest and dearest. New research shows that incorporating family-assisted exercise therapy to the standard physical therapy regimen of a stroke patient had many positive results. Motor function,…

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Count Your Blessings Daily… To be Physically & Emotionally Fit

It seems pretty obvious, and most of us have known this all along, but now science has come to back it up with hard data  – be thankful, it’s good for you. According to findings published in a recent Wall…

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Need a New Hip? Check the Joint Registry First

806,000 hip and knee implants were performed in the US in 2007 – that’s double the amount done a decade earlier. However, a 2007 study demonstrates that 7% of Medicare patients who underwent a hip replacement required another replacement hip…

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