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Brains v. Beauty

An age old dilemma, – which is more powerful and important – brains or beauty?  Would you rather be hideously ugly and brilliant, or stunningly beautiful and unable to carry a conversation? Of course none of us really wants to…

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Care and Feeding of the Middle Aged Brain

As we work with administrators to help navigate the world of Long Term Care it is hard not to be hyper-aware of our own mortality and the eventuality that we, too, are likely to reach a point where we will…

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New Hope for Those Who Suffer from Digestive Problems

The gastrointestinal system is a complex and mysterious one.  It seems almost a miracle that it ever works properly considering the multitude of factors that can make things within our digestive tract go awry.  What we eat, how we move,…

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re MODEL your Brain!

All those early wake-up calls to make those before dawn exercise classes were doing more for me than I thought- according to researchers at Princeton University who were following a comprehensive experiment with running rats… They discovered that the neurons…

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Missed Breakfast? A Big No No for the Weight Conscious

Everyone knows that breakfast’s good for you. How good just became a little clearer. A team of British Researchers have pinpointed scientifically how your brain craves high calorie food when you skip your morning meal. Utilizing MRI’s of the brain,…

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Stiff Joints Keeping You Up at Night? Try Some Cognitive Therapy

As the Baby Boomer generation ages, there is a swelling populaton of people suffering from osteoarthritis. Arthritis pain seems to go hand in hand with insomnia, with joint pain keeping awake 60% of those with osteoarthritis A new study, reported…

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Say Goodbye to Those Scary Shots

By Nechama Drillick Will those stinging booster shots be a thing of the past, fading into oblivion together with walkmans, analog TV and Kodak film? With the advent of a new Band-aid-like painless patch lined with microneedles, our grandchildren may…

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Look Like a Million When Climbing the Corporate Ladder

Is it a question of “Beauty OR Brains” that influences one’s success in the work force? New research conducted by Timothy Judge, PhD, a management professor at the University of Florida, suggests replacing that “OR” with an “AND.” His research…

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Small Lifestyle Changes, Significant Consequences

By Nancy Smith Today’s medical announcement would be astounding if it wasn’t almost intuitive; the results clearly demonstrate that lifestyle behaviors do contribute to stroke risk independently of the intermediate risk factors. We are all aware that the following four…

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It Isn’t All About Plaque

Amyloid beta plaque on the brain has long been associated with Alzheimer’s disease, and often considered the cause of mental decline. Apparently, this is not true. A British study used an immune response to almost completely remove the plaque from…

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