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Is it really necessary to prevent patients from drinking water for many hours before surgery?

After all those painfully long nights of fasting prior to having surgery, a recent study has shown that the well-known rule of “nothing by mouth after midnight” for preoperative patients is not based on scientific evidence. Many medical organizations have…

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Women Faring Worse After Surgery?

The inequities of life continue, especially when it comes to women’s health. A study published in the November issue of the Journal of Vascular Surgery, avers that women have worse outcomes than men following surgery for peripheral arterial disease (PAD)…

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The Dangers of Flip Flops

By Neil Bekker Flip flops, the standard beachwear, are now the hottest form of footwear worn throughout the long hot summer days. They may be stylish, comfortable and cool, but wearing them all the time is a recipe for foot…

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Choosing a Physician

Choosing a doctor for any procedure can be a difficult and frustrating task. How can you possibly gauge whether any given doctor will do a good job? While it’s difficult to know for sure, here are some tips to help…

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