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It takes a Virtual Patient to Make a Healthy Village

So now there’s a new, safer way to test  medical procedures by creating “virtual patients”, computerized realistic-looking models that are “serviced” by  medical devices and procedures that can’t be tested in “vulnerable” patients, such as pregnant women. Dr. X. George…

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Blizzard 2010, the iPad and Great House

This ambidextrous iPhone and iPad swashbuckler has been touting all things digital… but straddled the fences when it came to leisure reading. Proprietary about my leisure space, I had pretty much relegated my iPad as work tool  and not embraced…

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Count Your Blessings Daily… To be Physically & Emotionally Fit

It seems pretty obvious, and most of us have known this all along, but now science has come to back it up with hard data  – be thankful, it’s good for you. According to findings published in a recent Wall…

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Crowned Hospital Chef of the Year

Yup, there’s actually such a title. A recent Wall Street Journal article highlighted the growth of a new genre – upscale, more palatable cuisine now offered in healthcare facilities. The typical hospital fare such as jello, soggy sandwiches and tasteless…

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“Did You Say The Opening’s In The BACK?”

Love it when the  different passions of my life converge and… beg for a creative solution. Fashion, the Health Care Universe and Marketing all came together in Lucette Lagnado’s article in The Wall St. Journal. So Doctors and Hospitals still…

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A Bobbo by Any Other Name…

Here’s the affirmation I needed that it wasn’t just a marketer’s need to brand myself, but a representative trend of Boomers to attempt to defy the gravitational pull of aging and to put our imprimatur on everything related to our lives. We’re deciding what fifty today looks like, and if that means being more physically fit and well-coiffed than anyone else in history, so be it. We’re grateful and delighted our kids are having some more of the same, and love every moment of interaction with each amazing prodigy that is gifted our way but we’ve got to calibrate the perspective…and “Bobbo” is who’ve I’ve chosen to be to these wonderful children who happen to be our wonderful grandchildren.
So not intentionally wishing to brand myself, this marketing executive was keenly aware that cognitive association is deeply rooted in the names we choose and the mantles we wear. Just didn’t realize that tos Bobbo was at the forefront of another revolution!

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