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Guess Who’s the Caregiver Tonight?

File this in the “Support my Hypothesis” file: “Women are more likely than men to give up sleep to care for children and others,” states Charity Brown in the Washington Post. Women are 2 ½ times as likely as men…

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Women Faring Worse After Surgery?

The inequities of life continue, especially when it comes to women’s health. A study published in the November issue of the Journal of Vascular Surgery, avers that women have worse outcomes than men following surgery for peripheral arterial disease (PAD)…

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Beautiful… But Tired?

Don’t feel bad about not getting your beauty sleep… The latest findings indicate that too much sleep in women leads to an increased possibility of STROKE! — so that self-indulgent rested beauty may be sleeping towards disaster: 10 hours of…

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Mad Men and Ageism

One of the first rules of marketing and advertising is to understand and target the audience your product is intended to reach.  Seems pretty straightforward, but sometimes the path to the promised land, or targeted audience, is a winding one….

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