The Sense of Touch: Soothing Pain Relief

Touch and massage can relieve pain and improve mood in cancer patients.

A study comparing the results of touch therapy and massage therapy found that both relieved pain and improved mood, but massage was twice as effective. Furthermore, there was an increase in pain relief as treatment continued over time.

The results are important, suggesting a non-medical way for cancer patients to receive pain relief.

It’s been long known that touch has a soothing affect on the human body, but there have been few studies supporting it.

Touch therapy consists of a therapist placing their hands on specific spots on the body and applying light pressure for a few moments. The treatment comes out of the holistic healing movement and has not garnered much support among those in the medical field.

Massage therapy is more vigorous, including pressing, rolling, and finger pressure at trigger points. Though not common in the hospital, massage therapy is a commonly offered as part of a physical rehabilitation program. Now, it may become an option for patients receiving painful treatments for debilitating diseases.

08. October 2008 by Ruth Folger Weiss
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