Too Social For Healthcare?

Taking surreptitious photos of nursing home residents seems like a bad move. When it’s the employees of the facility who are doing it and then sending to friends via snap chat it s nothing short of grotesque. In a recent article in McKnights’s it recounts how officials are investigating a Snapchat video allegedly taken by workers at a skilled nursing facility that shows a resident getting into the shower.


The sheriff’s department said two employees, one who allegedly took the video and another who appears in the background, have been suspended without pay and could face charges of elder abuse and computer crime. The investigation is complicated due to Snapchat’s format of deleting videos once they have been viewed, the department said.


When it comes to quality healthcare, advances in technology have not changed the fact that it takes good people to provide it. However those self same advances have accelerated the damage the few bad apples can wreak. More than ever its incumbent to hew to the old rule that quality staff provides quality care and to keep a gimlet eye on how staff uses digital media in health care environments.

21. October 2015 by David Weiss
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