Validating the Caregiver in 60 Seconds or Less

By: Ruth Folger Weiss

I was stunned. Was that really a Walgreens commercial I just saw? Titled: “If only Caregivers had Caregivers,” the scene was an emotional punch to the solar plexus. A young woman tenders a lovingly prepared meal to her obviously ailing father, and a reciprocal dish , heaven sent, appears in front of her. She is startled. We see her settling Dad in a comfortable chair in the garden and gently placing a blanket on his legs, as he affectionately gazes at her. Immediately, a light throw appears and is gingerly placed on her lap. This loving, adoring caregiver is indeed appreciated, and her needs attended to. She and caregivers everywhere are validated. How beautiful!

01. April 2008 by Ruth Folger Weiss
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