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LTCAdministrator.com is Celebrating National Hospital Week

At LTCAdministrator.com, we are committed to building a strong network of health care and long term care professionals that can work together to strengthen and enrich the healthcare industry. We are honored to celebrate National Hospital Week (May 11-17, 2014),…

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Life’s a Marching Band – Reflections from the PHCA/CALM Convention

This year’s Pennsylvania Health Care Association (PHCA) and Center for Assisted Living Management (CALM) convention was held at the Valley Forge Casino Resort in King of Prussia, PA on November 13 & 14, 2012. PHCA/CALM represents well over 400 long…

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The Key to Compliance: Belief in the Treatment

Modern medicine isn’t generally described as an act of faith, but now gerontology nursing expert University of Missouri Assistant Professor Todd Ruppar says that beliefs play a very large role in compliance with doctors’ orders. Ruppar found that because patients…

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Low Staffing Rates Increase Mortality Risk

Low staffing rates can be thorn in the side of facility administrators, but a new study shows that they may also be to blame for increased risk of death from norovirus (acute gastroenteritis) in nursing homes. A recent study looked…

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Reading Doctor’s Notes Can Lead to Better Patients

Patients have always been curious about what their doctors are recording in their medical charts. Soon they may be have open access to read those notes as recent research shows that patient access to medical records can lead to better…

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Medicare Data Shows 1 in 4 Readmissions Could be Avoided

Hot on the heels of the October 1st assessment of penalties for 2211 hospitals with excessively high readmission rates for patients with heart failure, pneumonia and myocardial infarction, MedPAC released information on Friday that points the finger again at avoidable…

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Coordination of Care Offers Opportunities for Providers

Watching the Olympic opening ceremonies, it would be difficult to miss the fact that the UK chose this very public stage to celebrate, of all things, their healthcare system.  It is hard to imagine such a thing happening on US…

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Collaboration is the Key to Success for Long Term Care Facilities

Despite government threats of financial penalties, hospitals have made little headway in improving rates of preventable readmissions, according to recent Medicare data. More than 20% of Medicare patients return to the hospital within a month of discharge and despite policy…

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Avoiding Elder Abuse in Healthcare Facilities

Last week, New York’s own Senator Charles Schumer made news by drawing attention to the prevalence of elder abuse that goes unreported.  Spurred by the story of an elderly bus monitor in Rochester who was bullied by a group of…

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Notes from the ESAAL 33rd Annual Conference and Trade Show

The Empire State Association of Assisted Living hosted its Annual Conference and Trade Show earlier this week at the Saratoga Hilton and the Saratoga Springs City Center. The Empire State Association of Assisted Living is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to…

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