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The Beauty of Aging

As networking professionals in the health care and long term care industry, LTCAdministrator.com has also become a valuable resource for the aging population. We deal with various types of health care models including home health care, short-term rehabilitation, long term…

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Long Term Care Educational Seminar to Take Place in Dyker Beach, Brooklyn

In today’s rapidly transforming long-term care environment, it is more crucial than ever to keep up-to-date and informed. Renaissance Home Health Care, a NY State licensed Home Care Agency, is presenting LTC professionals in the tristate area with an enlightening…

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Nursing Home Care Keep Getting More Expensive

Always a costly option, nursing homes have reached a new high. Approximately $67,527 five years ago, the average price has risen to $83,950. And in the past year alone the fee jumped 4%, according to Genworth’s 2013 Cost of Care…

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Medicare Data Shows 1 in 4 Readmissions Could be Avoided

Hot on the heels of the October 1st assessment of penalties for 2211 hospitals with excessively high readmission rates for patients with heart failure, pneumonia and myocardial infarction, MedPAC released information on Friday that points the finger again at avoidable…

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Is There Such Thing as “Too Much” Care?

Among the many dilemmas faced by physicians in today’s healthcare system, one of the trickiest is deciding how much care is enough – and how much is too much.  Armed with ever evolving technology and treatment options, and without clear…

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Coordination of Care Offers Opportunities for Providers

Watching the Olympic opening ceremonies, it would be difficult to miss the fact that the UK chose this very public stage to celebrate, of all things, their healthcare system.  It is hard to imagine such a thing happening on US…

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Managed Care in New York State – A dive to the bottom for the Nursing Home Industry?

With pressures mounting on the New York State Medicaid budgets, the Governor and Department of Health are looking towards Managed Medicaid to control escalating Medicaid costs. From a budget perspective, limiting the State’s exposure to uncontrolled utilization and fee for…

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HCA’s 2011 Annual Conference

For those of you who have been following the LTC Event Calendar, you probably knew about the HCA Annual Membership Conference this week. HHA eXchange and Mobile Health Management Services, members of LTCAdministrator.com, participated in the event as key representatives…

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HCC Conference and Trade Show

The Home Care Council (HCC) hosted its first Professional Development Conference and Vendor Trade Show last week. The confluence of energy and enthusiam, informative speakers, and the array of specialized exhibitors made it quite a success. LTCAdministrator.com would like to…

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Patients Well Aware Are Well Prepared

If  you’re going in for elective surgery of any kind, make sure to do your homework well in advance, so you’re not in for a nasty shock later on. You will be needing lots of assistance to get you through…

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