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Brainy Technology: Advances That Revolutionize Health

Dedicated to raise awareness and support individuals living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, June is Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness month. These weeks of heightened awareness about brain health, underscore the importance of early detection – and technology appears…

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Silent Brain Change Seen in Individuals With Alzheimer’s in the Family

If you have a parent or sibling with Alzheimer’s, new research has discovered that you are more liable to exhibit brain changes associated with the disorder even before you have symptoms of memory and thinking deterioration. With an estimated 5.2…

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Recovery Following a Stroke… It’s The Extras that Count

After a stroke affects a part of one’s brain, the patient faces a daunting and challenging road to recovery. To relearn the skills that were lost as a result, one must undergo stroke rehab that usually involves mobility training, communication…

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Brain Injury Recovery – A Work in Process

As Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords makes progress that seems to bode well for her recovery, her upturn has given the public a glimpse into the complex world of brain injury and healing. The brain is an astonishingly intricate and malleable…

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Social Butterfly? Larger Brain!

She’s no ditz! In fact, that social butterfly we love to rib, may indeed have a brain… and larger than others! It’s the amygdala, no less. Brain scans of 58 volunteers in a preliminary study conducted at Northeastern University in Boston, indicated that…

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re MODEL your Brain!

All those early wake-up calls to make those before dawn exercise classes were doing more for me than I thought- according to researchers at Princeton University who were following a comprehensive experiment with running rats… They discovered that the neurons…

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Missed Breakfast? A Big No No for the Weight Conscious

Everyone knows that breakfast’s good for you. How good just became a little clearer. A team of British Researchers have pinpointed scientifically how your brain craves high calorie food when you skip your morning meal. Utilizing MRI’s of the brain,…

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Relax Actively

~ by Lydia Yolen Relax actively. That’s the advice of researchers to the retired and the elderly. Not only is it beneficial for your heart, it’s beneficial for your mind. This news is the conclusion of numerous studies concerning how…

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