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Numbers of Young Stroke Victims on the Rise

Recent studies have shown that in just over a decade the increased risk of stroke in the young adult population, aged 20 to 55, has risen from 1 in 8 to 1 in 5. Although researchers believe that the growing…

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Recovery Following a Stroke… It’s The Extras that Count

After a stroke affects a part of one’s brain, the patient faces a daunting and challenging road to recovery. To relearn the skills that were lost as a result, one must undergo stroke rehab that usually involves mobility training, communication…

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Waking Up with Folger’s In Your Cup!

Woke up at five this morning, thanked G-d for that fact, and and within moments was cradling a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee. Bracing myself for some less than stellar news online, I was delighted to see the lead in today’s medical…

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Beautiful… But Tired?

Don’t feel bad about not getting your beauty sleep… The latest findings indicate that too much sleep in women leads to an increased possibility of STROKE! — so that self-indulgent rested beauty may be sleeping towards disaster: 10 hours of…

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Stick With Your Friends and Keep Busy

by Nechama Drillick You’ve been given fair warning – the more socially active you are, the slower you’ll age. Research data in the June 22 issue of Archives of Internal Medicine reveal a direct connection between social activity and physical…

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Small Lifestyle Changes, Significant Consequences

By Nancy Smith Today’s medical announcement would be astounding if it wasn’t almost intuitive; the results clearly demonstrate that lifestyle behaviors do contribute to stroke risk independently of the intermediate risk factors. We are all aware that the following four…

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Secondhand Smoke Can Lead to Stroke

By Neil Bekker Spousal smoking can put one at risk of suffering a stroke according to a study by  the Harvard School of Public Health. The study involved 16,000 stroke-free married adults aged 50 and older whose spouse smoked cigarettes…

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Hypertension Bad for the Brain?

~ by Cher Giovani The study wasn’t about dementia: it was about blood pressure. A British group researching hypertension in the elderly followed a group of participants aged 80 and over to record the effects of drug therapy treatment for…

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Forgot Your Keys? Maybe it’s Your Stomach

We attempt to tackle each day in optimistic and measured tones, weighing the risk ratios and cost benefits of a myriad of choices. We’ve finally gotten the Food Pyramid straight, can almost discern the differences between wild and not-so-wild salmon,…

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Killing Heart Disease

By Lydia Yolen There’s finally good news in the health industry – heart disease and stroke death rates are down down down. Death rates from coronary heart disease are down 30.7% since 1999, and stroke mortality has dropped 29.2%. The…

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